What’s The Green Tax?

June 28, 2007 at 2:53 pm 1 comment

The green tax is the extra money you pay to be green.

Seems like the economy is setup to inhibit our free fall into a green life. It seems common sense to live green, to live a simple lifestyle in tune with the natural environment, one which promotes conservation of our natural resources, the sustainable and practical use of renewable energy sources.

Contrary to common sense, though, it’s easy to see how the economy and laws are structured to prevent us from turning green.

This is bad. This is The Green Tax.

Take for instance, the man in Illinois who was taxed and fined for running his car on vegetable oil. Go figure.

The man, David Wetzel, was making a clean go of it. A retired engineer and driving his own diesel car that he converted to run on vegetable oil, but the state couldn’t cut him a break.

The Green Tax, in this case, is the laws and state government representatives, dressed up as men in black, who showed up on his door step demanding money.

In sum, The Green Tax is everything in our culture, codified in laws and statutes, and demonstrated through strong and weak economic forces going to shape each and every decision we as consumers make when we choose to buy green, or not to buy green.

We have to stop this. We have to change.

I ask you. Do you see The Green Tax? What did you do today, that if it didn’t cost you any more, you would have done differently because it makes more sense to do it that way to be green?


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