Together WE succeed

July 12, 2007 at 12:39 am 1 comment

Posted by Ed Maurer:

Among the cubicles of the company I am doing work for right now, I see many people trying to do their part to help the company. Right now the company has the term “Together WE succeed” posted all over the place to encourage the employees to get on board with the company philosophy. They have not inspired me to be on board with the company since I am not actually an employee here, but they have inspired me in a grander sense. The posters have an image of a person holding a globe in their hands and it reminded me of how this term applies to living green. Together we succeed in being green because the actions of just one individual are not enough to affect the climate alone. Together we succeed when we all reduce our carbon footprints.


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  • 1. Joe  |  July 20, 2007 at 2:33 am

    I think some would say, everyone makes a difference, even a single person can make a change, it starts with one action by one person.

    I think that if you want to promote collaboration in a group, you talk about the WE. If you want to minimize differences between you and me, you emphasize the WE. If you want to chide politics of difference and seek to inspire other focused actions, you talk about the WE.

    Actions are done by individual choices. How do you best appeal to an individual to choose green?

    Some are best reached as a individual.

    Some are best reached as a member of a group.

    It all depends on what motivates your target audience.

    For instance, the democrats tend to target with one message, the republicans with a different message. Each message is aimed at the voter best aligned to the general social perceptions of one or the other party…

    Who do you think Rudy is going for? Not the same person as Barack or Hillary I bet. 🙂


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