Paper, Plastic, or Chico?

July 26, 2007 at 1:37 pm 3 comments

Posted by Ed Maurer:

What’s the answer to the question “Paper or plastic?” According to the More Hip than hippie podcast the answer is NEITHER! But after listening to these funny girls, I have learned that the answer in many cases is “Chico.” They promote the use of a nylon reusable shopping bag called a Chico bag. At $5 per bag that folds up neatly in a pouch that can be tucked away in a purse or in your car for when you need it. I think it fits well with the theme of my own podcast The Green Tax (coming very soon) because it costs a little bit more to be green these days. In order to feel good about saving the environment, it sometimes costs us a bit more. Wouldn’t it be nice if our grocery stores gave these bags out at a nominal cost to us and then gave us a discount if we used the reusable bags instead of the plastic bags? If you think about it, grocery stores would start to save money by not needing to purchase as many paper and plastic bags. I want my local Kroger Grocery store to step up to the plate and offer Chico bags with a cost incentive. Forget the Kroger card or Store Value card, I want credit for reusing my bags! That would be nice. In the mean time, I will need to invest my own money in these little convenient reusable bags myself and say NO to paper or plastic.


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