Living simple, so that others may simply live

September 30, 2007 at 8:15 am Leave a comment

Posted by Joseph Hershey

I heard this somewhere a long time ago. I heard it recently on the Living with Ed show. I’ve been hearing it in my head, over and over, when I slow down, stop, let my stress drop, and just breath.

I breath,

and breath,

and breath.

I tell my girl everyday it seems, when she speeds up and loses focus,

to breath,

slow down,

and breath.

It really works for her,

and I think it does for me too.

I breath in,

and then let go.

I breath in,

and then out.

My thoughts clear.

I settle down.

I refocus.

And when I refocus, I remember. I remember that it really is okay to just be, to be for the sake of just being, and that I don’t need to fight people around me. I don’t need them to fight me either. It’s okay. I am not going to be obliterated. I’m not going to die because I don’t have a whole bunch of things around me, holding me, propping me up, shoring my identity with patches and plugs.

There is much more.

But the point is, living simple is to live according to your needs, according to your neighbor’s needs, and in so doing, to live in harmony with yourself and your environment.

I don’t think we have a chance in hell of coming back in line with our needs and the planet’s needs until we reach the same harmony with her (if i can pull an old personalization of the earth as GAIA ).

And in order to do that, a lot of people are going to have to slow down, stop, and breath, in together as one, and out again as a new one, one in harmony with common sense needs of a planet that’s current biosphere is going to die, and be reborn again — maybe without us at all.

No call to action here. Just stop, and breath, and let go, for a moment. It’s okay. You won’t die.

Just breath.


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