Wind power and subdivision associations

November 7, 2007 at 4:00 pm 1 comment

Posted by Ed Maurer:

Here’s another green tax that I think is worth the investment if you can afford it. Wind power. I’ve always been intrigued by alternate sources of power for my home such as harnessing the wind or generating hydro power from a stream. Hydro power is a bit difficult when you don’t have a stream in your back yard, so the alternative is wind power. Wind power works well when you have a lot of change in wind direction in your area, and works especially well when you live on a hill. Enough for a physics lesson, I’m here to discuss Helix Wind.

Helix Wind makes a beautiful piece of artwork that functions as a windmill. Ok, maybe it’s a windmill that looks like a piece of art. This is the first windmill that I could consider installing near my home. That is if my subdivision association would allow it. My subdivision has rules against putting trailers in your driveway, and building sheds, so I would anticipate quite a fight from them to install a windmill. The difference with the Helix windmill is that it makes virtually no noise and can be installed near ground level so your sub division association may never even know about it. If my neighbor can hide a shed from them, I could surely hide this windmill.

So what exactly is the green tax on this windmill? The 2.0kw unit would cost $8,500, and the 5.0Kw model will run you $16,500 not including installation. That’s quite a chunk of change and would require a few years to recover the cost depending on average wind speed in your area. The great thing about this particular product is that unique design allows it to work in a low wind area. So you don’t need to live in Kansas to get your money’s worth, but it may take a bit longer to recoup the cost. Oh, Bats and Birds are safe from it as well. You may start to see a trend of subdivisions altering their bylaws to exclude windmills, so take action and request the use of alternate energy in your neighborhood before it’s taken away from you. It gives a new meaning to the phrase “Fight the Power.”


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  • 1. michael cox  |  July 14, 2008 at 12:12 am

    I am the project manager for Kauai Electric here on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. I have many request for this version of windmil. Helex 5.0 kw. Can someone from your company give me a call at 808-635-3810 or 808-635-3810
    Thank you
    Michael Cox


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