UPS Saves Money by not turning Left

December 14, 2007 at 3:55 pm Leave a comment

Posted by Ed Maurer:

I have always tried to eliminate left-hand turns as much as possible by choosing routes strategically. Years of driving has shown me that turning right in the USA is much easier and quicker than turning left, but I never thought of the cost savings that it benefits me. Turning left takes much more fuel because you are usually waiting at the light with your vehicle running and burning gas, but turning right takes much less fuel because you generally do not need to wait as long. Time savings and being impatient has always been my motivating factor, but UPS has shown it to be quite the money saver. In fact, they saved about three million gallons of gas last year by improving their routes and reducing left hand turns. The company uses a “package flow” software application to plan routes for their 95,000 brown trucks which helps to optimize the routes to use the least amount of fuel saving time and money to deliver packages.


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