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Give It Away.

Posted by Joseph Hershey:

Reduce --> Reuse --> Recycler

Reduce — Reduce the amount of stuff you consume or use. Do you really need two carry out boxes? Maybe a single paper one would do if you could allow your food types to touch each other.

Reuse — If you can’t reduce, then reuse it. Cut down on consumption by not consuming more of what you already have. If you don’t need it, probably someone else in this world does. Find a local charity, friend, or relative to pawn the stuff off on, for free is the best price. Remember, they’re doing you and themselves a favor by keeping it out the trash, out of the land fill, out of the incinerator, out of the ocean.

Recycle — If you can’t reuse it, then recycle it. As a last choice, take all the stuff that you don’t need, can’t reuse, and recycle it.

Simple Green Act — Give away something today that you can’t reuse.


August 18, 2007 at 3:48 pm 1 comment

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