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Wind Power Lacking Proper Maintenance

Posted by Ed Maurer:

Wind PowerI spent last week in the wine country of Livermore California. Livermore is quite beautiful with its rolling hills filled with grape vines, and in the distance you can see the wind farms. I have always been told that wind power is not enough to satisfy the energy demands that we have in America, but I feel that it’s a good start. I spoke to a local resident that worked on these farms when they were first built. There was a mad rush to get as many built as possible before the tax write-off deadline. That meant that many of them were built poorly with bad electrical and lackluster attention to detail. I heard stories of blades flying off in all directions and causing a lot of near misses. As I drove past these wind farms I saw some posts with no wind-mill on them, some other two out of three blades, others with blades dropped on the ground below them, and I wondered why they would have such poor condition. Do these wind farms really generate enough money to satisfy their maintenance costs? What are your thoughts?


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