The Green Tax Is…..

The Green Tax is a term coined by Joseph Hershey in May of 2007 to describe the extra amount of time, money, and effort you pay in order to be green and ecologically responsible.

theGreenTax.com is a blog and free audio podcast put together by Ed Maurer and Joseph Hershey in order to report and make commentary as they see it on theGreenTax in their everyday lives.

Ed Maurer

Ed Maurer is an electrical engineer with a passion for learning new things. Living a greener lifestyle has become one of his goals, and he enjoys blogging and podcasting about it. Ed feels that living green is a lifestyle change that shouldn’t be tackled all at once, but instead with gradual changes that become habit. Educating yourself and making the right environmental decisions is what it’s all about. Podcasting for over a year has given him a love for being in front of a microphone and speaking his mind. Ed enjoys baseball, football, gymnastics, cars, and the taste of a good beer like Sierra Nevada.

Follow Ed on his Jaiku mini blog: edmaurer [dot] jaiku [dot] com

Joseph Hershey

Joe Hershey is an independent internet media consultant and entrepreneur. He works out of the home, maintaining a strong family life, and dreams of finding the time to give more back the his local community.

Joe started providing online audio show content with Ed Maurer in the summer of 2006, first with the infamous “Two Guys Named Joe” podcast, and then, in the summer of 2007 with “The Green Tax” podcast.

Joe has a passion for all things tech, Apple, new media, and living in balance with the environment and his fellow neighbors.

He rides the donkey for Buddhism and seeks to breathe as a norm.

You can find Joe leaving bread crumbs online at:
jhershey [dot] jaiku [dot] com



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